StreamSets Academy Training Platform

All-in-one training platform for instructor-led hands-on training

Work with live labs

Streamline student environments by giving students access to a cloud-based lab experience and skip the setup hassle.

Collaborate with a click

Our Trainers can monitor students' progress or dive in to collaboratively troubleshoot a lab problem

Use fewer tools

A single training environment, through your web browser, lets you switch easily between lectures and labs

Avoid annoying blockers

Direct access to the labs via standard web ports means you can forget about annoying firewalls and blocked ports

No prior setup required

Students simply show up, open their web browser and get instant, full-blown access to a cloud based lab environment, with everything they need to complete their lab exercises

Common setup hassles

  • Passing USB sticks around
  • Docker files
  • Slow VM downloads
  • Installing additional software
  • Blocked ports and firewalls
  • Opening up ssh tunnels

Say hello to our Training Platform

  • Auto-provisioned labs
  • 100% streamlined environments
  • 0 prerequisites
  • Bring-your-own-laptop
  • Direct, browser-based access to labs
  • Direct, browser-based access to labs

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