StreamSets Yellow Belt Exam


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StreamSets Yellow Belt Exam

Did you know a Learning Path has been provided for you?  If you want guidance on what to learn and study, register for the Certification Learning Path and complete the relevant sections before attempting this exam.

This exam measures hands-on proficiency of core features of the StreamSets DataOps Platform across Control Hub, Data Collector, and Transformer. The exam focuses on core tasks that developers and engineers would normally complete in a StreamSets DataOps Platform environment.

Note: you must earn your White Belt before attempting the Yellow Belt Certification


  • 5 performance-based (hands-on) tasks in a StreamSets platform environment.
  • Exam duration: 120 minutes
  • Passing score: 80%
  • Proctored exam by ProctorU. A separate invite will be sent by ProctorU to schedule your exam.
  • Browser ProctorU plugin installation required
  • Compatible with Chrome or Firefox

Exam Environment

  • Each exam-taker receives their own StreamSets platform environment and a browser-based Windows Desktop to connect to the platform.
  • The environment runs on Strigo. Be sure that your computer/laptop can connect to Strigo. You can test network connectivity here.
  • Permitted Resources

    Any websites under the following domain & subdomains:

    2. (including Documentation)

Scoring & Certificate

Exams are graded within 3 business days and the final score and report will be emailed. The report will include the number of questions or tasks marked correct and incorrect. A passing score will also generate a sharable, verifiable “StreamSets Yellow Belt” certificate. Additional reporting details will not be provided.


Exam candidate should be able to perform tasks in the StreamSets DataOps Platform in the following areas:

Pipeline Development
  • Using Control Hub (SCH) to develop Data Collector and Transformer pipelines
  • Developing pipeline fragments
  • Developing batch and streaming pipelines
  • Configure single and multi-origin pipelines
  • Develop microservice pipelines
  • Develop orchestration pipelines
  • Develop SDC RPC pipelines
  • Configure pipeline executors
  • Ability to develop SDC pipelines that use one of the following:
    • JavaScript Evaluator
    • Jython Evaluator
    • or Groovy Evaluator
  • Ingest data via RESTful API
StreamSets Expression Language (EL)
  • Use EL across origins, processors, executors, and destinations
  • Apply conditional EL in pipelines
  • Reference field names, constants, variables, and literals using EL
Transformer & Apache Spark
  • Tune Transformer pipelines by adjusting driver or executor memory or cores
  • Submit transformer pipelines to a Spark cluster
Pipeline Management
  • Use the SCH pipeline versioning and export features
  • Create SCH jobs and schedule jobs
  • Create topologies
  • Deploy pipelines to labeled SDCs and Transformers
Alerts and Monitoring
  • Create drift rules in pipelines
  • Create pipeline alerts for error records and events