StreamSets Black Belt Exam


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StreamSets Black Belt Exam

The Black Belt credential signifies your mastery of using StreamSets in the data engineering domain. 

Black Belts are awarded to those that have a proven track record of developing real-world solutions with StreamSets over multiple projects.  Your demonstrable skills and experience with other ecosystem components will also factor into the award of the Black Belt.  Please be prepared to share other earned certifications and credentials in your certification interview as well as examples of your project work.

The final step is a capstone exercise that will allow you to show off all of your knowledge and skills to a panel of judges.  While not the only factor in earning the belt, a passing score in this presentation is required to be considered for a Black Belt.

There is no defined learning path for a Black Belt; this is based on your experience in using StreamSets in the real world.

Note: you must earn your White Belt, Yellow Belt, and Green Belt before attempting the Black Belt Certification

Here is what to expect:

  • Once you sign up for the exam, you will be contacted and provided with an overview of the certification process
  • Your ecosystem certifications will be reviewed as part of this process. This includes any associate or architect-type certifications you may have received
  • Your experience with data integration tools and data ops will also be discussed as part of this process.
  • You will receive a use case scenario in which you will develop a working technical solution
  • At a scheduled day and time, you will present your solution to StreamSets experts.
  • You will be graded according to the rubric shown below


Exam Environment

  • Each exam taker will use their own StreamSets DataOps Platform environment.  Free trial environments can be accessed from 
  • Each exam taker will be assigned a StreamSets Academy (Strigo) environment as well. Be sure that your computer/laptop can connect to Strigo. You can test network connectivity here.
  • The combination of both environments will be used to deploy and build the solution used in the presentation to the panel.

Scoring & Certificate

Seven (7) points must be earned for the presentation to pass the Black Belt exam. Presentations will be graded within 3 business days and final score and report will be emailed to the candidate. The report will include the point averages for each of the criteria and any comments related to the panel’s scoring. A passing score of at least 7 points will also generate a sharable, verifiable “StreamSets Black Belt” certificate.


Exam candidate should be able to perform tasks in the StreamSets DataOps Platform as well as an ecosystem component (such as a cloud data provider), as they relate to solving the business scenario challenge:

  • Setting up an environment and deployment 
  • Building pipelines including the following elements:
    • AWS or Azure or GCP data sources or targets
    • Snowflake
    • Databricks
  • Using intermediate and advanced techniques such as:
    • Using REST API
    • CI/CD
  • Developing batch and streaming pipelines
  • Configure single and multi-origin pipelines
  • Configure pipeline executors
  • Running and scheduling jobs