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StreamSets Control Hub Training


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StreamSets Control Hub Course Overview

High-performance deployments deserve high-caliber training. The fastest, most reliable way to build proven skills in StreamSets is via expert instructor-led hands-on classroom training in a structured learning environment.

This one-day hands-on training course provides comprehensive coverage of StreamSets Control Hub (SCH). Participants will learn how to configure and use SCH to manage users, design and share pipelines, use the Pipeline Repository, configure and run jobs, and monitor the performance of pipelines across all instances of StreamSets Data Collector running in the organization.. Throughout the course, hands-on exercises reinforce the concepts being discussed.


Students preferably should have a general knowledge of operating systems, networking, programming concepts, and databases.


The course is designed for those who will be building, managing, monitoring, and administering data flow pipelines. No prior knowledge of StreamSets Control Hub is required. Experience with StreamSets Data Collector is helpful but is not required.


Lab environment
Course Resources

Overview of the StreamSets
Data Operations
Data Operations Platform Overview
StreamSets Control Hub Use Cases

An Introduction to StreamSets
Control Hub
The Motivation for SCH
Key SCH Features
Deployment Methods
The SCH Architecture

Getting Started With Control Hub
SCH Overview
The SCH User Interface
Overview Pipelines, Jobs, Topologies
Managing Data Collectors
Operational Management


SCH Configuration
Organizations and Users Roles and Groups
Sharing Objects Between Users

Working with Data Collectors
Registering SDC Instances with SCH
Using Labels

Working With Pipelines
The Pipeline Repository
Creating and Editing Pipelines in SCH

Managing Jobs
Creating and Running Jobs
Scheduling Job

Managing Topologies
Creating and Using Topologies
Data SLAs

Administration and Monitoring
Monitoring your SCH instance and your Data Platform

Subscriptions and Alerts
Managing Subscriptions and Alerts

Control Hub Security
Securing your environment

High Availability
High Availability of Pipelines
High Availability of the Platform

Introduction to Transformer
When to use Transformer