StreamSets Certification

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Get StreamSets certified today to validate your level of knowledge and skills across StreamSets products including Data Collector & Transformer. The Certifications also reflect your understanding of integrating related frameworks within the StreamSets ecosystem.

StreamSets DataOps Platform Certification

Earning certification credentials requires a mix of learning and experience related to StreamSets and other DataOps ecosystem components. Click the tiles below to see what is required for each certification level. In addition, we have provided a learning path to prepare you for certification.

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Multiple Choice Exam
Test your understanding of basic architecture, pipelines, connectors and usage.
Hands-on Exam
Test your development skills to build end to end pipelines
Apply your knowledge and experience to a real-world use case
Capstone Assignment
Panel Interview

Demonstrate your mastery of the platform and ecosystem components

For your convenience, we’ve provided a holistic learning path that will prepare you for each level of certification. Click the button below to begin your journey

Proctoring made easy.

Exams are proctored through ProctorU, StreamSets third-party proctor.